All You Need To Know About The Reliance Mutual Funds

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Reliance Mutual Fund is undoubtedly one of the top mutual funds of the country. It operates under the renowned Anil DhirubhaiAmbani (ADA) group. It was formed under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and it started its journey as a trust. The Reliance Capital Limited (RCL) was the sponsor and its trustee was Reliance Trustee Co. Ltd. The Reliance Mutual Fund AMC also has the distinction of being the fastest growing mutual fund which its network currently spread in over 160 cities of the country.

The reliance mutual fund(RMF) offers the mutual fund investors with an overall product portfolio that lets them meet different investment needs. RMF has also increased its value with innovative product launches and the best client support. The aim of the group has always been to launch a diverse range of schemes under which units are released to the investors with the goal to make it contribute to the capital market and offer the investors an opportunity to go for diverse securities.

Different Kinds of Reliance Mutual fund

There is a range of products offered under the reliance mutual fund. A few major ones among them are as follows:

Debt Funds: The debt funds are a saving instrument that offers medium returns with increased reliability and safety as compared to the equity funds. Some of the debt funds that come under this category are ultra-short term, GILT, short-term, MIP, dynamic, equity funds, and long-term.

Diversified Large-Cap Funds: The diversified large-cap funds let the investor spread the total amount of investment under different securities in order to neutralize the risk factor.

Exchange-Traded Fund: These are the funds that make investment in different securities, which are being traded during the day and it is different from mutual funds.

Arbitrage Funds: The arbitrage funds make the best possible use of price in the mutual fund market. The low-price securities are simultaneously purchased from the market and then sold off in another market with a higher price for the same securities.

The Ways to Buy Reliance Mutual Fund Plans Online

Online application has been made convenient in multiple ways by the reliance mutual fund. You can apply online in any one of the following ways:

Official Website: Investments can be carried out through the official website at all hours of the day. The website is user-friendly enough to let you carry out any of the transactions online.

Mobile Apps:You can get the mobile app for reliance mutual fund to carry out the online transactions. There is a ‘Simply Save’ option to allow you to invest in one step at anywhere and anytime.

Stock Exchange Platforms: You can also subscribe to reliance mutual funds through the stock exchange platforms like BSE and NSE. Any number of units can be purchased through the platforms and they are credited to the DEMAT account.

Benefits of investing in Reliance Mutual Fund

Multiple reasons make reliance mutual fund one of the preferred choices ofthe investors among the mutual fund houses of the country. Some of the benefits offered under this mutual fund are as enlisted below:

  1. The Lineage: Big brand names like Nippon Life Asset Management and even international names are stakeholders in the RMF.
  2. Strong Distribution Network:RMF has presence in more than 160 locations in India. Besides, it also serves international destinations like the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Mauritius.
  3. A Pioneer of Trends: RMF is fully focused on providing simple investment solutions to the investors. The company has the distinction of being the first one to launch the Gold Savings fund.

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