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BPM Software

Bpm’online. Bpm’online is one of the leading BMP software that aligns marketing, sales and customer service in one place. The systems allows to model and run processes of any complexity. A platform for marketing manages each stage of marketing campaigns and allows sending bulk emails with a few clicks. Sales product has a number of tools for sales analytics and product management. Document flow is fully automated, and mobile sales became easier due to online mode and Enterprise Social Network. Customer service tools enable to manage customer requests and automate service operations. The system can be easily synchronized and integrated with other platforms. Request a demo at if you are interested in learning more about the product.

Canea. The products made by Canea help companies to run their daily activities smoothly and plan their business effectively. Smart tools of Canea Strategy edition allow dividing current strategies among employees and executing them more dynamically. Project software manages all tasks and projects in one place and helps employees to collaborate within teams and get insight into portfolio status. Process tools deal with simple process modelling. The system also has a number of tools for reviewing, approval, amending and archiving documentation. Have a look at ShowBox APk for ios to find more solutions for your business.

Ultimus. The software solution consists of several seamless modules. Each of them has been designed to meet specific needs of a company. It provides users with analytic and optimization capabilities and convenient access to the whole workflow. Ultimus quickly adapts to any project changes, industry innovations and organizational shifts. iBAM Suite enables to manage key performance indicators. Administrator tools help IT personnel to administer BPM environment and solve IT problems. Organizational charts allows to divide job functions among employees. Acting as workflow robots, FloStation tools create tasks automatically. The system has numerous reporting tools to generate data for analysis. Speed up your business with

Wrike. Wrike is a cloud-based platform for project management, marketing and development. Project managers can handle several tasks at the same time thanks to collaboration tools, visual dashboards, custom workflow and email integration. A marketing team will be able to manage events, campaigns and launch new products. The system helps service employees to increase client projects and deliver better outcome. Wrike allows product managers to centralize product vision, manage product resources and accelerate delivery. Real-time visibility tools enable users to identify problems, track progress and analyze work performance. Check for simplifying work and achieving better results.

Agiloft. This platform has various BPM software tools for customer support, contract management, help desk, ticketing, project management and IT service operations. The adaptive technology allows users to customize tools to their specific needs without programming. Task templates may be applied to any project and altered with a few clicks. Contract lifecycle tools include contract creation, repository and approval of workflows. It reduces manual errors and consolidates operations. Project managers can keep all projects on track and uncover project bottlenecks. What is BPM software and what can it do for your business? Find out more at

Comidor. Flexible management and workflow automation are primary goals of BPM systems. Comidor software copes with them perfectly. Its BPMN 2.0 Workflow Designer visualizes all processes and helps to track status of any task. Using collaboration tools managers can monitor team members’ participation in a process. Any forms and reports are easily modeled with Forms Designer. Smart notification tools simplify and improve routine workflow. Mobile app allows users to view any project anytime from anywhere. The system also enables to measure a company’s performance accurately using metrics, timesheets and reports. Activity path tools track any bottlenecks, achievements and foresee pitfalls. Digitalize your business with

Laserfiche. Laserfiсhe is an excellent option if a company needs to manage content, archives and documentation. It processes and updates documents, manages workflow approvals and helps to ensure projects are completed on time. Users are presented with a full history of all processes, and automatic notifications allow monitoring documents’ amendments. A great deal of processes like HR and accounts payable are fully digitalized. Mobile apps enable to submit web forms and track content from Android and iOS. The business process library has various templates for HR, accounting and IT departments. Any forms and diagrams are fully customizable to fit the specific needs of an enterprise. Automate business processes with

Pegasystems. As the speed of IT requirements accelerates, Pega offers innovative software BPM for various business spheres, from insurance to life sciences. It is one of the leaders in case management and BPM software. Pega 7 Platform allows users to build applications for their particular needs and streamline operations. The visual tools support business and IT collaboration. The system’s apps are self-documenting, and any compliance risks are minimized. Find out more about additional product features at

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