The human mind is designed to keep striving for things that make life comfortable. Though we have been tagged as greedy, rather than needy individuals, possessions are always dear to us. Be it those materialistic ones or non-materialistic, we can never breathe easy when we lose our belongings. So, to safeguard you from any such calamities or uncertainties, general insurance policies have been introduced.

General insurance typically means contracts that do not have an association with life and which provide protection against unforeseen circumstances. Some of the most famous forms of general insurance include motor accidents, fire and other miscellaneous situations. General insurance provides the right protection against disasters and misfortunes.

Best of the general insurance plans in India

Agricultural Insurance Company of India Ltd.

Formed in 2002, the company aims to cater to services for the agricultural community. It has 6 promoters namely National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, General Insurance Corporation, The New India Assurance Company Limited, The United India Insurance company limited and Oriental Insurance Company Limited. The products included under the policy are

  • Varsha Bima
  • Bio-fuel Tree or plant Insurance
  • National Crop Insurance Program
  • National Agricultural Insurance Scheme

National Insurance Company Limited

The company is a pioneer in many aspects, including insurance of product customisation for the corporate and rural market. It is also regarded as the first company to have partnered with automobile manufacturers such as Maruti Suzuki and Hero Motors.

The company also has highest ranking to its credentials.

The plans include:

  • Private car insurance policy
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • National parivar mediclaim
  • Overseas medical employment and studies
  • Household Insurance
  • Janata personal accident
  • Gramin Suraksha Bima policy
  • Gramin Suswasthya micro insurance policy
  • Marine insurance
  • Credit insurance
  • Shopkeepers insurance
  • Standard fire and special perils
  • Electronic equipment insurance
  • Bankers indemnity policy

The New India Assurance Company Limited

This insurance company, founded by Sir Dorabji Tata in 1919 is one of the largest general Insurance companies in India. It has a phenomenal presence across 28 countries and global reinsurance facilities.

The products and policies offered by the company include:

  • Personal insurance
  1. a) New India floater mediclaim policy
  2. b) Group mediclaim policy
  3. c) Householders policy
  4. d) Griha Suvidha policy
  • Commercial Insurance
  1. a) Marine Cargo policy
  2. b) Banker’s indemnity policy
  3. c) Shopkeepers policy
  4. d) Jeweller’s block policy
  • Industrial Insurance
  1. a) Electronic equipment policy
  2. b) Machinery breakdown policy
  3. c) Fire policy
  4. d) Burglar policy

Benefits of buying the general insurance policy

The best general insurance policies help avail many benefits. Read along to find the benefits in each sector:

  • Motor Insurance

The best policy avails to claim for any off-road and on-road emergencies including natural calamities etc. Some of the attractive benefits offered by motor insurance are

  • Personal accident cover
  • Cashless servicing at nationwide network of garages and workshops.
  • Roadside assistance
  • Towing assistance
  • Travel Insurance

Be it a vacation or business tour, you could lose all the fun and focus if you are to experience contingencies like loss of baggage, flight delay, medical emergency etc.

So, travel insurance or visitor insurance helps with all sorts of emergencies during overseas travel to ensure a worry-free travel. Some of the best plans also provide you with benefits like

  • Corporate travel policy
  • A comprehensive policy for travel to destinations like Europe or Asia

Home Insurance

Home is truly the biggest asset in everyone’s life and also the largest financial investment. The best policies offer you coverage to meet any uncertainties like natural calamities, flood, burglary, theft, damage from fire etc.

Few additional benefits:

Protects you and the possessions that you value

Our home, shop, car and other valuables are so dear to us that we can be totally shattered if anything bad happens to them. But to be very honest, we’re living a life full of insecurities and we don’t know what will happen in the next moment. But one thing that’s in our mind, is to stay away from the financial impact of risks by getting our possessions insured. General insurance covers the costs of the unexpected risks by spreading the cost among a large pool of people in the same region who have the similar concerns in mind.

You won’t face unexpected risks alone

Life itself is a big risk; yet we want ourselves to be fully protected. It’s nearly impossible to recover from a financial crisis without general insurance. When you purchase insurance in situations of risks or loss you aren’t left alone to pay the whole amount. The cost of the unexpected risk is spread across a large group of people who have been inflicted by similar risk.

Knowing the benefits of general insurance you shouldn’t waste time thinking to buy it. Just go and grab one for your security. For more details on general insurance, log onto

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