The Benefits of Buying Insurance from a Broker


Most people prefer to buy insurance directly from an insurance company because they think that this will save them money and be easier than using an insurance broker. An insurance broker works to help customers find the right policies for their specific needs and ensures that any quotes given will protect the consumer from unpleasant bills and surprises. In addition, working with an insurance broker will allow consumers to get information from a number of different insurance companies without spending a lot of time researching them and looking for quotes.

Save Money

It may seem counterintuitive, but hiring a company that specialises in insurance broker services will actually help a consumer save money. This is because most insurance companies offer lower rates to brokers. They can do this because they have a lower amount of risk when customers buy through brokers. Brokers are trained and have the education necessary to choose the right insurance policy for their customers, which results in fewer people being underinsured and thereby lowering the occurrence of unnecessary claims.

It’s Faster

Working with a broker allows for faster documentation requests, queries, and changes during the life of the policy. This is because the brokers are more efficient and trained to complete this work in a timely fashion while workers at an insurance company’s call centre do not have much insurance knowledge and will not be able to answer questions quickly. In addition, a good broker will know about your personal policies, be able to lay hands on your information quickly, and will be vested in making sure that you are perfectly covered. Personal service and the desire to make sure their customers are taken care of sets a great broker service apart from a large insurance company.

It’s Easier

Most people assume that it is easier to buy a policy directly from an insurance company but this is not the case. Most insurance brokers offer online service and are incredibly efficient in getting back to a consumer, no matter what the question, problem, or change that is desired. In sharp contrast are insurance companies, who consistently drop the ball after a consumer is enrolled and tend to have problems following up on uncommon questions from their clients.

Most people want to cut out the middleman but insurance brokers are a rare exception where that third party can really save a lot of time, money, and frustration for the customer. Being able to talk with trained experts about your personal insurance needs and know that they will do everything in their power to give you the best coverage possible that will cover you in the event of any accident, illness, or other claim gives consumers peace of mind.

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