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The traditional cash register point of sale system in many business has been replaced by the current computerized point of sale (POS) systems. The computerized POS system is able to help you monitor sales and control inventory in real time and it can also checkout registers to categorize sales as they occur. The POS system runs on standard computer hardware, connecting with compatible specialized devices to speed the sale process.

The POS system consists of both the hardware and the software. The software is usually run on the standard computer hardware with additional accessories connected to each system. For data entry, it is done with the normal computer keyboard, an electronic scanner, a touch screen or a wireless hand held device carried around by the sales attendant or servers. Customer’s orders can be sent through the hand held device directly to the kitchen and the purchase can be processed with a card reader or a computerized cash drawer.

There are many types of POS system being used by businesses and you will have to choose the right one for your business type e.g. restaurant, retail, bar, or petrol station. One of the best POS is the Clover POS which accepts credit or debit cards, EMV chip and contactless payments from your customers in a safe and secure way. Clover consists of the POS hardware and specially designed software to cater to your business’ specific needs.

The Clover Flex is small in size and is built to do business where your customer is seated. It is also convenient for customers to make payment at their table or waiting in line. It has a built-in receipt printer and scanner.

The Clover Mini is a compact size counter top POS. It enables payment with swipe, EMV chip and contactless payment.

The Clover Mobile is suitable for food trucks, festivals, and convenient for customers to pay at their table or waiting in line. You can pair the Clover Mobile with the Clover Station or Clover Mini.

The Clover Go is an all-in-one contactless, chip and swipe card reader. It also works together with other Clover devices.

The Clover Station is one of the most powerful countertop POS system. It is perfect for making cash or cashless payments, tracking of inventory, managing of time sheets, running of reports and for printing purposes. To find out the Clover Station price, you can go to the Merchant Account Solutions website for an instant quote or call 888-697-2396 to speak to the expert or the customer service agent.

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