Types of CNC machines

1940 was the year when numerical control machines came into existence during the economic boom when motors were first employed to control or dictate the movement of pre-existing machine tools. Since the 20th there has been a complete shift as the majority of CNC machines China today are entirely electronic.

In the industrial sector, some of the most common CNC-operated processes are laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, and hole-punching. Some of the most commonly used machines in the CNC systems include


The lathes machines cut precisely in a circular movement with only indexable tools. The CNC technology utilized by lathes cuts produced is of high velocity with extreme velocity. The lathes machine produces intricate and sophisticated designs that would be impossible to replicate in manually operated lathes.

CNC lathe comprises two Axes-X and Z that are controlled by unique proprietary code

CNC Mills

CNC mills have the capabilities of running on programs that comprise of letter and number based prompts that control pieces through various distances. The programming used on mill machines can be based on unique language created by engineers and designers or G-code.

The most basic mills employ a three-axis system (X, Y, and Z). However, some modern mills accommodated additional three extra axis

Plasma Cutters

In plasma cutting materials are cut using plasma torch, the processed is mainly applied to metal materials, but they can also be used on other surfaces too. The speed and heat required to cut through metal materials are produced through the combination of electrical arcs and compressed-air gas.

Electric Discharge Machines

Electric-discharge machining (EDM) is also known as spark machining and die sinking. The whole process entails molding pieces into specific shapes using electrical sparks. For EDM, discharging occurs between two electrodes resulting in the removal of sections of a product or part.

Some of the sub-types of EDM are

  • Sinker EDM- This is whereby a workpiece and an electrode are soaked in a dielectric fluid allowing for piece formation.
  • Wire EDM- It’s when spark erosions are used in the removal of excess portions from an electronically conductive material

Water Jet Cutters

Water jets are tools mainly used to cut through hard materials in CNC machining China such as metals and granites. This process produces shapes of factory machined parts; water jets present an alternative solution for materials that cannot bear heat-intensive processes of other CNC machines.

The waters jets are used in a wide range of industrial sectors such as mining industries, aerospace to mention a few where curving and cutting is required as well as other functions.

Extra uses of CNC machines

The CNC machining system can also be used in a variety of machines that include:

  • Embroidery machines
  • Glass cutters
  • Wire-bending machines
  • Cylindrical grinders
  • Wood routers
  • Laser cutters

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