Individual proxy servers

Individual proxy servers

Proxy servers are used to access blocked resources on the Internet. They are an essential business tool. They are used in many cases. Its task is to identify Internet users. The IP address contains information about the country and region, the number of Internet providers and the number of Internet users. It also gets a unique IP address.
To connect to this server, you need to configure the browser that will be used to send standard requests. The rest of the connections will be made to the server’s IP address. If you need access to an Internet resource, the computer opens a connection to the server and makes the request that is needed.
By the type of protocol, servers are divided into HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS.

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HTTP Server

Hypertext transfer is used to connect to the web server and client.
HTTPS works in conjunction with SSL, which is additional security that is hosted over HTTP to protect data.
SOCKS proxy provides TCP connection from client to traffic routing. Its SOCKS5 proxy type has innovative features to ensure a secure connection.

Servers have the following functions:
Increase internet speed. The server can collect the data of the desired websites and provide it upon request.
Anonymity of the network.
Reducing network restrictions. If there are local restrictions on the use of web resources in the desired region, a proxy server can help solve these nuances.
Access to the site that is blocked .proxy
Server advantages:
High connection speed;
Bypass site blocking;
There are paid and free, you can choose a more suitable one;
Can connect to any IP address on the network;
They have many additional options.
Today, proxies are used solely to hide real IP addresses. There are various reasons for this. You may need it for several reasons:

The need to protect the network or local computers from cyber attacks.
Users have limited access to certain web resources.
Desire to connect multiple computers to the Internet with the same IP address.
The need to unload the Internet channel and provide customers with quick access to information.
Despite the growing popularity of protocols, servers continue to dominate business and beyond. Most often, such servers use hosting services to protect information.

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