Mobile Net Banking: What you need to know before using it?

Mobile Net Banking

You can perform most of your daily activities today using various online applications. The introduction of a mobile application has helped the user carry out all the financial transactions on a mobile phone from anyplace. All you have to do is to download the relevant application on your mobile to do the activity. The mobile net banking application offered by IDFC FIRST Bank allows the customer to use any banking tasks on a mobile phone.

For that, you need to download the mobile banking app for android on a smartphone and use the banking services. You need to understand the features of a mobile net banking application to make the most use of it.

What should you know about mobile net banking applications? 

Though mobile banking is the most convenient way of banking, one should know the features and requirements for a better user-experience. 

For instance, to avail of the services of the IDFC FIRST BANK mobile banking app, you should be a customer of the IDFC FIRST Bank. The customer can download the application from the Google PlayStore and install it on his or her mobile and log into the app using the customer ID and password he or she would have received in the Welcome Kit.

Once you sign into the app, you can enjoy several benefits like:

Free online bank account  

IDFC FIRST Bank is recognized for offering one of the top banking apps to its customers. It helps them to open a free online bank account without having to visit the bank and wasting their time. They can do all the banking tasks using this online account. 

Free debit card app

You can use the bank’s debit card anywhere and pay from your account. Customers can make safe and convenient payments through this card. They can avail of cashback, exciting discounts, and rewards through debit card app payments. 

Links all your accounts under one platform

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, helps you access your bank accounts in different banks from one platform. With this, you can transfer money, check balances, and view the statements of all accounts. The tools are user-friendly and link all external bank accounts through one app and manage your finance. 

Get instant loans 

As an eligible customer, you can get a personal loan for different purposes such as education, marriage, home renovation and medical expenses in a few hours at a low-interest rate through the IDFC FIRST Bank app without any collateral security. 

Safe and secured banking experience 

The app offers a secure banking experience to the users. The two-way authentication, OTP authentication, and password protection make the IDFC FIRST Bank app a safe banking application. In addition, the customers can log in to the mobile application only through the registered mobile. This makes the app more secure to enjoy a safe banking experience. 

AI-powered chatbot

You can get help anytime on a mobile banking app. The AI-powered chatbot provides improved customer relationships and timely assistance. The app also informs the customer any illegal and unusual activities immediately. 

If you want to enjoy the above features, download the IDFC First Bank mobile app now on your smartphone.  

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