Small businesses need a CPA: Here’s an overview!

Do you own a small business in San Antonio and are wondering whether you should get an in-house team for accounting & taxes or outsource the same? You are not alone! Startup founders and small business owners prefer to have a more personal approach to every task, but taxes & accounting are different. You need expertise, and the good news is there are tax services and CPAs, such as Herbert (Bert) N. Kraus, Jr., who can help. In this post, we are discussing more on why small businesses need a CPA.

One service, many tasks

CPAs are qualified to handle tax filing requirements for small businesses, and they can help in planning everything in a smart manner, so that your tax burden can be minimized. In case there is an audit, your CPA will represent your business before the IRS and ensure that further issues are avoided. CPAs also have a big role in guiding and advising small businesses in taking financial decisions and business-related matters, such as expansions, mergers, purchase of new equipment vs. leasing and so on.

Keep things in sync

One of the key reasons why many companies in San Antonio rely on CPAs is to reduce the hassles in bookkeeping. From ensuring that your records are maintained efficiently, to gathering missing details, filing forms, and preparation of taxes, you can expect help with almost everything. Also, CPAs can help your company stay compliant, without worrying about the changing laws and requirements.

Affordable services

CPAs are extremely affordable, and most of them that work with small businesses offer pricing that clients can afford. Your tax service may also play an instrumental role in ensuring that your business makes the most of refunds, incentives, and deductions, and as needed, they offer advice on how to minimize taxable income in a year, while staying compliant at the same time.

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