5 Tips to Save Money on Calls to Pakistan

5 Tips to Save Money on Calls to Pakistan

Pakistan is a popular country to make calls to and from in the UK. Many people in the UK have family in Pakistan. The cost of making an international call is still very expensive. People naturally want to find a way to save money on making such calls. There are ways to do this, and it doesn’t require much effort. It’s just people don’t search for these options.

1. International Provider Providers like Call2Call offer international calling. Not all providers do. Some of the smaller ones stick exclusively to domestic calls, or calls within the UK and Ireland. Firstly, it’s important to make sure the provider actually has an international calls package. If not, it’s time to switch to one which does. See what deals they have on international calls. Determine whether they’re offering a good deal. Take into account the number of calls made to Pakistan and how long they tend to take on average.

2. The Terms and Conditions To save money on calls, it’s necessary to have some sort of international package. It’s important to check the terms and conditions. Many of them don’t contain provisions for popular countries like Pakistan and India. Shop around for the best deals, but make sure they actually offer Pakistan calling discounts. On a side note, make sure to check out the various charges if going over the limit. Ideally, once it reaches the limit it should automatically cut out, but in most cases it will simply start charging extra. One of the reasons why people pay so much on international calls to Pakistan is because they don’t realise they’ve reached their limits and they carry on calling.

3. VoIP VoIP is a form of online calling. It uses the Internet to place a call instead. It’s a much cheaper way of making a phone call. It also doesn’t need to have an established phone network infrastructure in the area to work. If someone has family in an undeveloped area of Pakistan, VoIP won’t work as it needs a strong and stable Internet connection to work properly.

4. Peak Hours Calls There are designated peak hours for international calls. Calls cost more money during this period due to the traffic. It’s common practice by providers because they can take advantage of the increased number of calls. Call at off-peak hours instead and the cost goes down.

5. Pre-Paid Phone Cards Another option for cheap international calls to Pakistan is a pre-paid international calling card. Enter an access code and a special pin before dialling the number. These calling cards have a balance on them and every minute reduces the total balance. These cards can come from supermarkets and broadband providers. It’s important to not get drawn in by special introductory offers. These are not good value for money because the standard rates might not be good. And if someone gets locked into some sort of long-term contract, the introductory offer doesn’t give them any real savings at all since they’re locked into higher rates for the rest of their contract.

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