Australian $200 Gold Coins

An Australian gold $200 coin, isolated on white. Commemorative

Made by Royal Canberra Mint, the Australian $200 Gold coin is 10 gram and has a current value of $573 in USD. The value of the Australian gold coin price in AUD is currently $782. On the reverse this coin features an Australian Koala sitting on a eucalyptus tree and on obverse there is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the second. These Australian gold Coins were minted in 22-karat in 1980 and 1983 to 1986 which was the first Australian 200 dollars. It contains 9.1 grams of pure gold with $200 as face value. Released in 1980, Mint continued to produce these coins till 1986. Had excellent sales in 1980s the RAM started with another design in 1981 with royal wedding of Charles and Diana and ended up being around 160k.

Till 1987, the coin had design of Maklouf portrait of the Queen, while portrait of Arthur Philip and commemorated the $200 anniversary of the departure of the first fleet to Australia in reverse. In 1989 coin had frilled neck lizard as a part of marketing campaign to revive the interest in gold which was indeed was successful since then mintage went up to 40,000 in total uncirculated coins. From 1990 to 1994 saw succession of wildlife designs for the coins.

There is no such big opportunity for capital growth in this coin as it has the high issue price in 1980, $240 for the UNC version, large mintage and low bullion value. Even after so many years the coins are reaching the issue price. There are many people who bought these coins back in 1980s since they were marketed so well and they are about to recover their initial investment. So this coin cannot make you rich. But from collector’s point of view these beautiful yellow metals can be fun to have but from investment point of view not so recommended. For information on the value of gold coins the Gold News website has live prices for all popular world gold coins.

Now you know their history, let talk about their worth in market today. It sad to say but these coins do not have any collector value above gold value that they have. It does not matter which year or what design or whether its uncirculated or proof, its value will be determined by the bullion value of Gold. Typically speaking of you want to sell coin to any dealer you might get less value out of it. If you sell it on eBay you might sell a bit more of its value but eBay might have some fee which could be anywhere between 5% to 10%.

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