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In recent years, with the updates and improvements in the sphere of technology and electronics, also with the rise of new types of services in the global community, people’s lives have become easier than before. However in the field of finance and money transfer, still because of the trust and quality issues, many users are searching for the best option that is possible. In this short article, we want to write about Genome, as one of the most successful money transfers in online format, and know about its features and special possibilities. You can find out more.

Genome & Money Transfer

As mentioned above, Genome is an online platform with a possibility of making online money transfers all over the world. Users will be able to manage their businesses totally in online format, transfer money directly to out of the Genome account without any problem, make a mass payment by making a list and make a payment in one time to so many different accounts and always know about the commissions and fees by the automatic updates by the platform. Also customers will be able to link their cards or bank accounts to this platform and make payments with their own terms via the Genome. Should be mentioned that users can top up their accounts instantly and by any method that is preferable for them, in all EU based banks withdraw money and transfer money between Genome accounts totally without fees and instantly. Briefly to say, with Genome accounts users will be able to exchange, transfer, withdraw, top up, make mass payments, pay on their own terms and receive funds.

Currency Exchange of Genome

As briefly mentioned above, one of the most significant features of Genome is about the exchange services that this platform is providing for its users. Genome is offering the low rates currency exchange and also providing users with Genome’s online currency calculator that will allow users to calculate the amount that they need to exchange as easily as possible. The Genome platform and its payment service provider has all necessary features to make an instant online currency exchange. It is worthy to mention that exchange money among Genome’s accounts don’t have any transfer fees, however users will need to pay 1% of the flat fee in the interbank rate. Additionally, with Genome’s account, users will have multiple currency accounts that will allow them to make a currency conversion instantly without any extra or hidden fees.


Definitely, in the current difficult times, Genome and its online money transfer services, can be counted as one of the most secure and easy to use ways that can make life more easier for all users around the world. We believe that in the near future, with the new updates and improvements in this platform, it can be the best solution for all future’s challenges.

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